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Depression & Anxiety

Manju* and her husband had been happily married for the past 16 years. A few years ago,
the couple decided to adopt a child into the family and expand their family tree. They
decided to adopt the child from a family friend who lived in the neighborhood and who had
readily agreed to the adoption process once the child was born. but later on, biological
mother started interfering in their lives. which started troubling Manju emotionally.
But her condition worsened when Manju’s sister got hurt in a road accident. With all these
happenings, Manju soon started feeling very anxious & disturbed. She started feeling very
anxious for her near and dear ones and started experiencing sadness in mood, crying spells,
breathlessness, and feeling of things getting out of control. In the next 15-20 days, her
condition worsened and she started feeling restlessness and shivering in her whole body,
was having increased palpitations, breathlessness, and heaviness in the chest along with
heaviness in the tongue which slowed her speech considerably. She used to find herself
being unable to control her negative and anxious thoughts, was suffering from a loss of
interest where she did not feel like doing anything, and had also begun to exhibit self-harming

behavior. All this was compounded by the loss of appetite, severely disturbed sleep and a
the physical history of having thyroid and PCOD for over 10 years.
Thereafter, Manju and her husband consulted a local doctor who advised her to consult a
mental health professional. On the reference of some close relatives, they came to visit Dr
Vohra a few weeks back wherein Manju was found to be suffering from Depression with
Generalized Anxiety Disorder & Panic attacks. In a span of few weeks, with regular
treatment with medication & counseling from Dr. Vohra and his team, Manju has made a
complete recovery along with the resolution of all familial and marital issues.