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Mobile & Internet Addiction with Schizophrenia

Sonia* was studying in her 12th standard when her parents decided to consult a psychiatrist.
They did not tell her that they are going to see a psychiatrist for her because of her
aggressive behavior and lack of trust in the parents.
Sonia’s parents were having frequent disputes with each other at home due to which Sonia’s
mother used to remain emotionally upset and disturbed and was unable to give proper time
and attention to her daughter. Sonia was shy and introverted by nature so did not have many
friends and used to spend most of her time at home alone.
In her 12th standard, Sonia started becoming aggressive towards her family, using abusive
language towards her mother, having erratic sleeping patterns and disturbed sleep and
experiencing inappropriate affect (laughing and smiling to herself without any reason). Within
a month, Sonia’s behavior became increasingly more disturbed. She was visiting her Masi’s
home where she refused to go into her cousins’ room as she believed that “they would rape”

her. Although Sonia had experienced some disturbance when she was in the 11th grade
(increased sleepiness and irritability), it was nothing compared to what she was facing now.
For the next 2 months, Sonia continued to remain disturbed – She was unable to study, was
spending excessive time on social media had started to socially isolate and withdraw herself
and continued to behave aggressively with her parents.
Eventually, Sonia’s school-teacher and counselor reached out to the parents and informed
them that Sonia has expressed hatred for the family members (especially the mother) and
that she just keeps talking to herself and making stories. Given her behavior, they
recommended consulting a psychiatrist and said that Sonia will be allowed to give her 12th
board exams only if the doctors give their written permission for the same.
After a detailed evaluation by Dr. Vohra, Sonia was diagnosed with mobile and internet
Addiction along with Schizophrenia. Her difference of opinion with her parents and
parents’ marital conflicts with each other adversely impacted her condition. After seeking
consistent treatment with Dr. Vohra for the past 5 years, Sonia is now completely stable and
leading a healthy and emotionally balanced life!