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The latest studies show that nearly one in every two employees in the Indian corporate sector suffers from stress. This poor state of employee emotional wellness costs any business billions in terms of monetary and intangible losses.
Common workplace issues that employees face include:

  •     Interpersonal conflict
  •     Communication problems
  •     Gossip
  •     Bullying
  •     Harassment
  •     Discrimination
  •     Low motivation and job satisfaction
  •     Performance issues

The common consequences of these issues are:

  • High rates of absenteeism
  • Lack of interest in organisational goals
  • Cost of hiring, training and sustaining new staff
  • Costs of losing trained and experienced staff



We at NWNT, have scientifically validated tools to quantify all your issues related to this. With our world-class technology, everything can be accessed at the click of a button. Apart from that, we have a top of the line team of celebrated, respected and experienced professionals who take your business needs along with overall emotional well-being very seriously.
The team consists of some of the best names from the fields to collaborate with who will be able to help you no matter what your needs are, irrespective of your location, employee strength, scale and severity of the problem.
We will help you even if all you want is to just have a general idea about the environment of your firm. We are also fully committed to maintaining strict confidentiality with your sensitive matters.


Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are special programs designed to give a 360 degree perspective on employee relations. We will be with you every step of the way with services like problem diagnosis, training, mentoring, hand-holding, and regular reviews.


Our scientifically validated, widely published, algorithm-based – Emotional Wellness Index helps to gauge the Emotional Wellness of any person to identify the stress levels & from what areas of life that stress is emerging to help you take the right steps. It is completely secure & you can take it at the comfort of your home/office and from anywhere. Ready for the test?