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NWNT is a one-stop solution for mental, emotional and behavioral health problems arising out of stress and/or lifestyle issues.

We have developed a unique software-based counseling and consultation assessment tool to measure the emotional wellness of any person. This tool is available at the click of a mouse and can be accessed from the comfort of one’s home or office. This digital platform’s objective is to revolutionize the field of emotional wellness, lifestyle & stress management with focussed solutions drawn with expertise in behavioral health & neurosciences.


We prevent and treat people with emotional and behavioral problems in a supportive environment that respects their safety, dignity, and confidentiality besides giving them anonymity in seeking such help.


How Do We Work

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Our Advisors

Dr. Mark Goulston
M.D. MG100 Coach, Founding Member Newsweek Expert Forum & Advisor No Worry No Tension Healthcare
Dr. Anand Prakash
Advisor, Organisational Behavioural Sciences, No worry No Tension Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
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Dr. Deepali Kapoor
Advisor & Counselling Psychologist, No Worry No Tension Pvt. HealthCare Ltd.

Pick the Plan That’s Right For You

Duration of Session = 45 Minutes

Let’s Talk & Break Free

₹750 ₹650

1 session with counselor
Express your problems
Release bottled up emotions
Get tips to improve your emotional well-being


Learn to Manage Emotions

₹ 2250 ₹1800

3 Sessions with counsellor
Gain a better understanding of your emotions
Increase self-awareness
Learn how to adopt a more positive approach


Break the Negativity

₹3750 ₹3000

5 Sessions with counsellor
Identify maladaptive/negative thoughts
Work on thought and behavior modification
Develop insight and problem-solving skills


Emotion regulation & Management

₹5250 ₹3950

7 Sessions with counsellor
Identify your triggers
Form appropriate coping strategies
Develop emotional stability

Start Therapy

Holistic Emotional Wellness

₹7500 ₹5250

10 Sessions with counselor
Gather in-depth insight
Develop a systematic plan with short & long term goals
Systematic guidance to achieve emotional wellness and relapse prevention

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A Scale Developed By World’s 2 Top Psychiatrist
Dr. Mark Goulston, USA & Dr. Sandeep Vohra, INDIA

Science Of Happiness: Happiness is a state of mind which is neuro -biochemically achieved through the interplay of multiple geno- bio – psycho-socio-economic factors in an individual’s life . When the brain gets the optimum mix of all chemicals , we feel blessed & blissful leading to experience of ‘ HAPPINESS ‘.
Join us to achieve happiness at NO WORRY NO TENSION. 😊 

Dr Sandeep Vohra


Business psychiatrist, writer and mentor, coach and advisor to founders, entrepreneurs and CEO’s with a focus of helping them maximize their impact and presence.

Co-founder of Heartfelt Leadership, a company that identifies, celebrates and develops leaders who “dare to care.”

Media Snapshots

Dr Vohra on Mindset of Rumour Mongers
Dr Vohra on Maintaining Emotional Wellness During the Pandemic
Dr Vohra on Class 12th board exams & mental health during Pandemic

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Case Studies

Sonia* was studying in her 12th standard when her parents decided to consult a psychiatrist. They did not tell her that they are going to see a psychiatrist for her because of her aggressive behavior and lack of trust in ... Read more
Manju* and her husband had been happily married for the past 16 years. A few years ago, the couple decided to adopt a child into the family and expand their family tree. They decided to adopt the child from a ... Read more
Pranay*was working as a program developer when he and his family decided to visit Dr Vohra. Around 8 years ago, Pranay was in his final year of college when he began experiencing difficulties in concentrating on his studies.Pranay used to ... Read more


(*Names have been changed for privacy)

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