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Chairperson, Digital Mental Health
(Indian Psychiatric Society)

Dear Reader,

Greetings from No Worry No Tension Healthcare! (NWNT)

Mental health is the most important aspect of one’s life but unfortunately, it is also the most neglected field amongst all the medical branches since the beginning. After the Pandemic, however, its importance has risen exponentially due to the rapidly increasing number of patients with mental and emotional problems globally.

This pandemic, being once in a century black swan event has suddenly put lives of all of us upside down and caught us unaware.

Soldiers fighting in a war have a threat to their lives alone whereas doctors & other health workers while treating patient of Covid-19 faced threat not only for their own lives but had to save their families also and never in the history of medical world ,doctors ,nurses & other health workers themselves have lost lives in such big numbers while treating their patients. All other frontline workers have also given their best in this hour of crisis.

There has been chaos everywhere around the world. Schools & colleges are closed, and students must suddenly adjust to online studies pattern whereas those who have connectivity issues are left in the lurch. On the other hand, teachers are struggling to adjust to the new online ways of teaching. Corporates are suffering heavy losses and unemployment is on the rise.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic induced turbulent times, besides pre-existing patients with psychological disorders, we are also getting new patients with corona induced anxiety, depression & OCD besides many people coming to us with inability to adjust to ‘ new normal’ such as working from home (WFH) & shifting to online mode of communication which has been very challenging specially for technologically naive citizens.

It is often said, every cloud has a silver lining ,meaning some good things are also happening during pandemic .We are realising now that we can live with basic minimum needs and most important for us is to stay in touch with our family and loved ones then blindly pursue materialistic goals in our life .

Another good thing which has happened is that pandemic has fast forwarded the technological acceptance of the majority in the society as a safe means of communication and all over the world telemedicine has become the service delivery of choice for all non-emergency health services . Our Central Government has also come out with specific telemedicine guidelines which is the most affordable and practical way of doctor patient interaction especially for patients coming from far away areas especially in the present pandemic scenario.

When I started our start-up of digital mental health , No Worry No Tension Healthcare(NWNT) around 9 yrs. ago , I never imagined that a day in my life will come when digital services will be the only way for the patients and other people to connect with me and my team !!

And believe me, when all the doctors in the world were struggling to come in terms with the ‘new normal’, I just asked my clinical & IT team to start operating comfortably from their respective homes in pandemic proof surroundings. In this challenging scenario ,our pre pandemic digital experience of 9 years became very handy and in spite of these totally unexpected turn of events we immediately started delivering online services with all our old & new patients gradually adjusting to our exclusive online mental health service delivery system
not only for people in India but also for Indians from all over the world.

You might be aware that we are the pioneers in India in telemedicine in the field of mental health in private sector as we started such services around 20 years ago with my team.

Before pandemic started, we had already catered to all 28 states of India besides giving services to patients in around 37 countries around the world both through digital & physical modes as a hybrid model.
We have now around 30 years of experience of providing world class services from prevention to cure of any or all emotional & mental health problems and have already treated more than 10 thousand people with success rate of around 80% which is globally the best possible recovery.

As these are challenging times for all of us irrespective of age, sex, social, financial status, or religion, let us come together & defeat this coronavirus and handle the mental health problems being generated by it effectively!

Together we can and together we will.

“Let us talk emotional wellness. Reach us online now!”

Best wishes
Dr Sandeep Vohra
Founder & CMD
Chairperson, Digital Mental Health (Indian Psychiatric Society)