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Bipolar Spectrum

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Bipolar Spectrum

Gunjan*, a qualified MBA professional, lives in a nuclear setup with her parents and
younger brother. A high achiever since childhood, Gunjan completed her education at one
of the top management institutes of the country. Along with academic excellence, she was
also involved in several co-curricular activities including building and initiating her own start-
up venture during her college years.
However, around 2012 during college, Gunjan started experiencing severely disturbed sleep
(wherein she was sleeping only for 3-4 hours every day), sadness in mood, crying spells
panic attacks, anxiety, and loss of appetite. Gunjan would often speak with her mother
regarding her condition and frequently express hopelessness about her condition and future,
due to which her mother would visit her in college very often.
In her final year (2016-17), Gunjan consulted several doctors and was on many medications.
but she did not feel much improvement in her condition because of which she discontinued
her treatment and medications. In 2017, Gunjan was at her worst. She was not only having
difficulty sleeping (only 3 hours every night), but she also started experiencing fluctuation in
her mood with irritation & aggressive outbursts, started overspending, and had phases in
which she would work and plan excessively
Finally, towards the end of 2017, she was referred to Dr. Vohra by her family relative. Gunjan
was diagnosed with Bipolar mood disorder and soon thereafter her treatment (medications
and therapy) began. Under the able guidance of Dr. Vohra and his team, within few weeks of
starting the treatment Gunjan made a full recovery emotionally and physically& Currently,
she continues to work with her father and is successfully carrying their family business to
greater heights besides coming for follow-up visits regularly.

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