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Neurodevelopmental disorders can be defined as a group of disorders in which the development of the central nervous system is disturbed/ disrupted. This can include developmental brain dysfunction, which can manifest as neuropsychiatric problems or impaired motor function, language, learning or non-verbal communication.

•    Those that revolve around sociabilities, such as the inability to maintain eye contact during social interactions, a failure to respond to one’s name, and a    lack of facial expressions.
•    Issues pertaining to emotion, such as mood swings, an irritable temper, and an easily frustrated state of mind.
•    Learning based concerns, like problems performing even simple math, difficulty understanding a question, problems reading or spelling (dyslexia),    difficulty speaking, the repetition of words without really understanding how to use them, and the inability to properly plan, prioritize, manage time, or focus on a task.
•    Movement and impulse-control related issues, such as restlessness, issues coordinating movement (which can come off as clumsiness), and repetitive    motions like rocking or hand flapping.