"I was misdiagnosed by many professionals in India. But NWNT was a blessing in disguise for me and my family which helped us all to come out from our problem and helped our family to reunite once again. Good efforts."
- From Mr.Chaudhary, Madhya Pardesh * Names has been changed for Privacy

“NWNT Team provides a combination of one of the best psychiatric as well as counseling treatments in India. I highly recommend their services.”
- From Ms. Singh, Delhi. * Names has been changed for Privacy

“My experience so far with NWNT has been excellent. Dr. Vohra has a very pragmatic approach to deal with his patients and tries to understand in depth the root cause of the problem before prescribing medication. Besides medication, Dr. Vohra encourages counseling sessions with professionally trained counselors at his office, a combination of which has done me a world of good so far. I will strongly recommend anyone facing stress-related issues to consult NWNT."

- From Ms. Das, Kolkata * Names has been changed for Privacy

“I have been visiting NWNT since 4 years for my treatment. I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Today, I am stable leading a very happy life with two children. My mood swings were controlled within 6 months after the onset of the treatment. I am very thankful to Dr. Vohra. And Senior Psychologist Navtej, who brought by an insight about my mood and other issues.“
- From Ms. Sharma, Mumbai * Names has been changed for Privacy

“NWNT is by far one of the best clinics, I have visited. It has a wonderful and positive environment with lovely hospitality. The meds are effective with no side effects and very helpful. The best part about the clinic is counseling .Ms. Tanya is an amazing and one of the most positive people I have come across. She solves every issue with ease and makes the person feel relaxed and relieved. The problems vanish and all the questions are answered in the best way.“
- From Ms. Trivedi, Lucknow * Names has been changed for Privacy

"I was in depression and did not feel like going out, started doing weird things, had suicidal ideation, confidence was very low, jealousy of others doing well. I was feeling guilty because I had high aspirations from myself and I could not fulfill them and live up to my parent’s expectations".
- From Ms. Singh, Jaipur * Names has been changed for Privacy

" I started taking treatment from Dr. Vohra. He is such a vibrant and positive person. Dr. Sandeep Vohra motivated me and prescribed me medicines which lifted my mood and helped me build my confidence. I was also referred to the psychologist, who made me realize that the aspirations I had from myself are still achievable and helped me overcome the feeling of guilt and hopelessness. I am very grateful to both of them."

- From Mr.Sehgal, Mumbai - Names has been changed for Privacy

"I got to know about the Emotional Wellness Index through the website of NWNT. I decided to take the test to check the level of my stress. As I was expecting, my stress levels were in the severe category and I was recommended to take psychiatric help immediately. I called up Dr. Vohra’s clinic. The staff was very cooperative and I was given an appointment immediately for the next day. I was first introduced to a trained psychologist who took a detaied history of my current life and the stressors. Then I was introduced to Dr Vohra who prescribed me medicines which has no side effects. I was also referred to the psychologist for counseling to work on the stressors in my life. Overall, it was an insightful and great experience. I highly recommend this team to anyone suffering from mental health issues."
- From Mr. Yadav*Names has been changed for Privacy

"I have taken session from Ms. Anveeksha , who understood and helped me to come our from my official issues. Highly appreciated."
- From Ms. Sharma* Names have been changed for privacy.

“Brought my mother for treatment of depression. Worked wonders for her. Overall great experience.”
- From Mr. Aggarwal, Delhi* Names has been changed for Privacy