Emotional Wellness Index

It is a software based diagnostic tool designed to generate overall emotional wellness index and

subsequent stress emanating from five areas of life (nature, circumstances, clinical symptoms, domestic life and professional life) beside screening for major mental disorders.

  • It is a rating scale in which the individual responds to 55 questions.
  • A psychometrically reliable and valid tool developed after 10 years of research.
  • The result on Emotional Wellness Index is depicted on a colour band (green, blue, yellow orange and red) referred as the emotional wellness index.
  • If it’s green then an individual is likely to be emotionally well, but if the result obtained is blue, yellow, orange or red, it indicates emotional disturbance of increasing severity.
  • The colour band depicts an overall status of emotional health of an individual as per degree of stress in one’s life much before individual becomes symptomatic requiring professional help
  • Individual can work on himself or herself either with or without professional help to walk from highest emotionally stressed zone of red to minimal or no stress zone of green colour.



INR : 499/-
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