Emotional Wellness Index
It is a software-based diagnostic tool designed to generate overall emotional wellness index and subsequent stress emanating from five areas of life nature, circumstances, clinical symptoms, domestic life,and professional life besides screening for major mental disorders The scientific basis of the tool . A psychometrically reliable and valid tool developed after 10 years of research.
· It is scientifically validated against widely used measures of stress like the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS), Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale (DASS) and Stress Overload Scale (SOS)
· The scale is also validated against the level of intervention rating is given by clinicians (both psychiatrist and clinical psychologist) based on an interview with participants (including both patients and normal controls).
· When individually tested at the University of Houston, it displayed around 80% correct identification of patients whereas the globally available ones are 60% correct at their best only.
. Along with overall stress assessment the tool also provides an understanding of the area of life (nature, circumstance, clinical symptoms, domestic life, and professional life) stress is emanating from. No other existing assessment of stress covers such a broad range of dimensions.
· Subdivision wise result helps in targeted intervention planning for better outcomes.
· The scale not only assesses stress but also helps in ruling out psychiatric disorders like depression, anxiety disorders, OCD and Schizophrenia.
· Each color on the emotional wellness index has an identified degree of emotional wellness and associated clinical relevance established based on analysis done on a data of 6000 participants, thus making quick referrals and intervention planning possible.

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Student Stress-o-meter
Student Stress-O-Meter is a unique concept measuring quantum of stress in five key dimensions (nature or coping resources, circumstance, clinical symptoms, home or hostel life and academic life) of a student’s life. The stress-o-meter is for any student above the age of 13 years (school/college going), a different tool named ‘Student Stress-o-meter’ is available (being validated).

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