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Our society is becoming more and more competitive and there's constant pressure to perform and stand out in our peer group or society. Performing amongst high expectations can be difficult and make us lose touch with ourselves. We may forget what we really would like to do and can excel in and may end up following someone else's dream.
Students have to face their parent's high expectations in academics leads to performance pressure, anxiety/ stress between them. At times, also undergoes from peer comparison which is done by parents. Daydreaming about school love/ crush problems which leads to distraction in studies and performance problem. Also, a student also has to go under the pressure of their parent’s relationship/family problems – which they are not able to tell into their friends and teachers sometimes. Choosing the correct career also builds up anxiety.. Understanding self, identifying our strengths and setting realistic goals can help us stay upbeat and improve our chances of succeeding.

How We Help : We can help you to find your difficulty/problem and also help you with the apt solutions. Take Student stress o meter to assess your stress levels.

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