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Pick the Plan That’s Right For You

Let’s Talk &
Break Free

₹750 ₹650

1 session with counselor
Express your problems
Release bottled up emotions
Get tips to improve your emotional well-being

Learn to Manage Emotions

₹ 2250 ₹1800

3 Sessions with counsellor
Gain a better understanding of your emotions
Increase self-awareness
Learn how to adopt a more positive approach

Break the

₹3750 ₹3000

5 Sessions with counsellor
Identify maladaptive/negative thoughts
Work on thought and behavior modification
Develop insight and problem-solving skills

Emotion regulation & Management

₹5250 ₹3950

7 Sessions with counsellor
Identify your triggers
Form appropriate coping strategies
Develop emotional stability

Holistic Emotional Wellness Program

₹7500 ₹5250

10 Sessions with counselor
Gather in-depth insight
Develop a systematic plan with short & long term goals
Stepwise & Systematic guidance to achieve emotional wellness and relapse prevention