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  • Low Productivity and Performance
  • Less Innovative
  • Lack of Leadership
  • Teamwork

In today’s busy world we are pulled in multiple directions at once. We generally use the term “stress” when we feel that we are overloaded with work or find it difficult to manage our lives effectively. Sometimes it becomes too much and we struggle every day to make the ends meet. It is a state of tension that can be felt both physically and emotionally.

According to WHO, every 4th person in this world has some emotional/ stress-related problem or other. In today’s world employees of the corporate organization are experiencing immense stress because of the increasing demand and challenges faced by them. A recent survey conducted by Economic Times shows that 46% of the Indian workforce suffers from Stress and as per ASSOCHAM 42.5% of corporate employees suffer from depression. Stress not only harms an organization's effectiveness and productivity but is also detrimental to the physical and mental health of the individuals.

Stress isn’t always bad. A little bit of stress can help you stay focused, energetic, and able to meet new challenges in the workplace. But if the stress leads to low productivity and performance, which impacts our physical, emotional and mental health which often hampers to one’s relationship. We can’t control everything in work surrounding, but it doesn’t mean you’re powerless even if we are stuck in a difficult situation.
But first, let and understand the challenges faced by employees

Following are the Challenges which are faced by Employees: Employee efficiency, Less Innovative, Lack of Leadership and teamwork, Low confidence, frequent absenteeism, the sure to work at optimum levels.

Having a heavy workload or too much responsibility, poor management, unclear expectations of your work, or no say in the decision-making process, Being insecure about your chance for advancement or risk of termination, Facing discrimination or harassment at work, especially if your company isn't supportive
Keeping the adverse effects of stress in mind, it is important to come up with initiatives and programs to contribute to the well-being of employees.

How We Help: We bring Emotional Wellness solutions by encouraging workplace wellness with Effective communication, Organizing team building activities and social events.

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