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Dr. Mark Goulston

M.D. MG100 Coach, Founding Member Newsweek Expert Forum & Advisor NWNT Healthcare

Business psychiatrist, writer and mentor, coach and advisor to founders, entrepreneurs and CEO’s with a focus on helping them maximize their impact and presence.

Co-founder of Heartfelt Leadership, a company that identifies, celebrates and develops leaders who “dare to care.”

Dr. Anand Prakash

Advisor, Organisational Behavioural Sciences, NWNT Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Dr Anand Prakash, currently, Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Delhi, Delhi. A teaching and research career spanning across more than four decades. He Has served in various Universities like, DDU Gorakhpur University, University of Allahabad, Banaras Hindu University, University of Delhi, South Campus and at Present serving University of Delhi, North Campus. Besides holding various administrative positions in University of Delhi and membership and Chairmanship to several institutions of University of Delhi. His primary specialization in Applied Social Psychology, Organizational Behavior , Assessment of Human Behaviour and Human Resource management and Qualitative Research Methodology.

Dr. Deepali Kapoor

Advisor & Counselling Psychologist, NWNT Pvt. HealthCare Ltd.

Deepali Kapoor is a Counseling Psychologist with more than 35 years of experience in the field of Psychological Counseling.

Her previous experience includes corporate Counseling for TCS Mumbai and Delhi (12 years) , CMC (5yrs) and Hewitt (2 yrs)


She is a Member of the Board of Studies for charting out the syllabus for the Masters, M.Phil. , BA programs at Amity Institute of Applied Psychology in Noida, UP. She is also an External Examiner and Visiting Faculty with them. She is also on a number of ethics committees. She has conducted more than 100 courses/workshops in Counseling, Psycho Oncology, Stress and various mental health issues to Corporates, Hospitals, Institutes, and NGOs. She has presented papers at several international forums.


Tanya Sharma

Counselling Psychologist and Art Therapist

She, a Counseling Psychologist, is trained for leading corporate workshops and handles the operations related to corporate and clinical collaborations. She works on the principle that building a strong rapport with the client is the most powerful tool of Counseling.. She uses different techniques of art therapy with her clients for enhanced assessments, introspection and therapy. Using Motivational Interviewing, Thought Stopping technique and Positive Psychotherapy is a primary part of her Counseling sessions.

Area of Specialization – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Art Therapy, Supportive Psychotherapy, Person-Centered Therapy, Relationship Counseling and Relaxation Therapy. Tanya has been trained and associated with Dr. Vohra’s clinical team for the past 2 years and has been heading operations for NWNT for the past 1 year. She holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology and a Diploma in Art therapy.

Priyanka Bhalla

Counselling Psychologist

She is a Counseling psychologist who has done her Masters in Clinical Psychology and has experience in dealing with issues like depression, Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), etc.. As a trained Counselling Psychologist with over 2 years of experience, Ms. Priyanka possesses the self-confidence to explore and analyze new ideas with patience and efficiency. She empathizes with people with natural ease and considers it as her strength and wishes to use this strength to serve a greater purpose. She works towards promoting and creating awareness about mental well-being and health.

Area of Specialization – Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Supportive Psychotherapy and various methods of Art therapy. Priyanka has been trained and associated with Dr. Vohra’s clinical team for the past 2 years.

Aakanksha Kumar

Counselling Psychologist

As a trained and qualified counseling psychologist, Aakanksha aims to help individuals deal with a range of problems in the realm of emotional, mental and behavioral disorders. Through therapy and counseling, she works with her clients to identify their strengths and/or resources to resolve their issues, along with fostering personal growth and wellness. She believes that therapy as a process can help in unlocking the inner potential of individuals, increasing their self-awareness and empowering them to discover solutions to their own problems. A believer of the client-centric approach, she uses an eclectic approach of integrating concepts from different schools of thought to facilitate a tailored intervention plan based on the client’s needs and circumstances.

Areas of specialization: Cognitive behavioral therapy (for Depression, Anxiety, & OCD), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness-based CBT, couples’/relationship /marital therapy, Psychological first-aid.


Aakanksha has been trained and associated with Dr. Vohra’s clinical team for the past 1 year. She holds an Honors degree in Psychology from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University College London (UCL), UK.


Anveeksha Tripathi Jain

Counseling and Organizational Psychologist , Marketing and Branding Consultant

Anveeksha is an Organisational Strategist, Psychologist and a Senior Mediator. She actively engages with her clients wherein she undertakes counsellings/training sessions and active mediations to increase the productivity & happiness quotient in personal & professional lives. Anveeksha primarily mediates and emotionally manages disputes and conflicts for HNI Clients and Corporates.

Her skills are also valued by startups and she has consulted startups of various industries to set up their Organisational Strategies. She has a long list of Startup clients who have benefitted tremendously from her expertise in this domain.


In her previous stints, she worked with various MNC’s such as British Airways, Air Canada , Indus group and many more. Her work was appreciated and she was bestowed with “Women Leadership Award” as the Leading Mental Health and Social consultant in Delhi NCR and also “Best Social and Mental Health Activist” for the past 2 yrs.(19-20 & 20-21)


Ms. Yogita Jhuraney

Rehabilitation psychologist

She is associated with the field of psychology since last fifteen years. She has worked in close collaboration with renowned names in the field. Her training in various therapeutic modalities like REBT, CBT and TA make her a distinguished counsellor dealing with stress, trauma and crises. She is known for her training skills and has been a part of various TV shows as a panelist in the discussion of various psychological issues.

Ms. Monika Sharma

Neurodevelopmental Specialist, Counselling Psychologist & Special Educator

As a Mental Health Specialist, she possesses all the interpersonal qualities that an individual looks for in a friend, coach or mentor. She is warm, approachable, encouraging and have all credentials to work with the people facing behavioral, emotional or personal issues. She is passionate for learning and always look for new ideas and therapeutic approaches. Her focus is to encourage clients to share their repressed thoughts, feelings and beliefs, communicate with them to make better understanding and acceptance of their own powerful emotions being discharges and majorly to help them to manage their reactions and feelings and bring about positive and productive changes.


Areas of specialization: Cognitive behavioral therapy for depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar mood disorder and OCD. Solution Focused therapy for Stress Management. Behavior Therapy for adolescence with behavioral issues like ADHD, Conduct disorder or ODD. Remedial classes and IEP for Children with Special Needs and Specific Learning Disability. She is associated with The Air Force School for Parental sessions in Career guidance, Stream Choice and Psychology as a Field. She holds a degree of M.Phil. in Counseling Psychology from Amity University (Silver Medalist), B.Ed. Special Education (Learning Disability) and Advance Diploma in Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Disorders in children from Sir Ganga Ram Medical College.