About Us

NWNT is a one-stop solution for mental, emotional and behavioral health problems arising out of stress and/or lifestyle issues.

We have developed a unique software-based counselling and consultation assessment tool to measure the emotional wellness of any person. This tool is available at the click of a mouse and can be accessed from the comfort of one’s home or office.This digital platform’s objective is to revolutionize the field of emotional wellness, lifestyle & stress management with focussed solutions drawn with expertise in behavioral health & neurosciences.

We prevent and treat people with emotional and behavioural problems in a supportive environment that respects their safety, dignity, and confidentiality besides giving them anonymity in seeking such help.

In alignment to our mission of “Destressing the Planet”, we intend to destigmatize stress-related illness and reassure those suffering from such problem's, that help is available.

Founder’s Message

Dear all,

With more than 25 yrs of experience in the field of emotional health and mental wellness, I have always found emotional wellness to be at the bottom of priority for everyone whether we talk of any individual, any organisation, (private or govt ), any corporate, school, hospital, college ,university etc. which I really find absurd as we all know that happiness is all about healthy emotional state of mind so I do not understand how can we pursue our goal of happiness in life without focusing on our emotional health!!

Since we all neglect our emotional health by taking our body and mind for granted, it is only once when either our brain has fully exhausted due to our daily struggles of life or we actually have a full fledged clinical disorder like depression, OCD , mood disorder etc that we seek professional help!

In my clinical practice, seeing so many people ranging from top most celebrities, industrialists, politicians, bureaucrats to a common man struggling with their emotional and mental health problems and then helping them recover completely motivated me to start thinking of some long term global solution both for classes & masses in an entrepreneurial way!

But before we talk of solution, let us have a background check about present status of mental health services in the world.

Presently we are facing ‘ Global epidemic of emotional & mental health problems ‘ due to multiple & complex reasons cutting across cultures and nationalities with billions of dollars lost due to loss of productivity because of poor emotional health & intangible loss of opportunities for progress at both individual &/or organisational level.

Looking at these rapidly escalating emotional problems and there fallout in form of increased suicides and increasing number of stress related emotional, mental &behavioural problems worldwide if someone tries to look for solutions then the gap between demand for emotional wellness & health services and supply of resources is too huge at present juncture in the world to be filled in the traditional clinical way.

With this extremely challenging background, I wanted to create some solution for the masses which logically was possible only through use of technology and the solution had to have a complete spectrum of solutions both at preventive and curative level but in culturally neutral & globally scalable way and that is where this thought on my mind for last many years ultimately led to creation of our IT based Startup named No Worry No TensionHealthcare ( NWNT) in 2011 .

Since its inception, with continuous R&D process and collaboration with some of the best known professionals in the world , we have come up with a globally unique concept of emotional wellness self assessment and I have coined the term ‘ Emotional Wellness Index’ for the same which has the potential to disrupt &revolutionisethe emotional wellness field globally by screening for emotional wellness with a ‘link based assessment ‘of masses without the initial intervention required by any mental health professional.

NWNT’s long term vision is to scale up these emotional & mental solutions and take it to every nook and corner of the world in an affordable, confidential and acceptable way by constantly innovating, using AI, machine learning and data analytics and simultaneously breaking the social taboos associated with emotional & mental health in coming few years!

NWNT requires good wishes and support of all of you to achieve our quest for excellence in the field of global emotional wellness & mental health with the ultimate goal of happiness for humanity!!

Wishing the reader... lifelong the best of emotional health with fulfilling life!!

Dr Sandeep Vohra
Founder & CMD

No Worry No Tension Healthcare 2019